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Artist Statement


There are many variables that play a role in shaping an individual's perception of reality - so many variables that it becomes extremely difficult to interpret reality in its absolute truth. The contingent nature of media, government, and religion has become so thick with data that it becomes impossible for the human mind to maintain any sense of authenticity. Much of this electronic soup that humans constantly swim through is manufactured by media, government, and religion and transferred directly to the viewer or listener. We end up accepting these synthetic realities as fact. Because they have been placed immediately in front of us, it is easier to adapt to them than search for something more genuine, especially if they fit nicely into our already socially manufactured, pseudo-reality.


The lesson of many of these created realities is to be passive and conform so that the few people controlling the information can continue thriving off of the billions. There are countless examples of this throughout history. Governments have started wars with the falsification of information through the media for centuries, and these wars have always been fought by the common man. Corporations constantly spin lies to hide the inhuman truth about their products. Religion justifies itself with a facade of morality. Our society is based upon false realities, and these false realities create false humans.


By painting well known people who hold positions of power and combining that with conspiracy theory and/or satire, I seek to collapse our pre-conceived notions of the reality that has been created for us by the media, government, and religious institutions.


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